Do any current players NOT play DVD-R? (another budget DVD player question)

theo cupier

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I'm abandoning HD DVD as a format in the wake of the recent developments and probably spending some time back in SD DVD territory until Bluray can sort themselves out with a player I want at a price I want to pay.

Anyway, at the back of a cupboard, I still have my Toshiba SD210E DVD player which provided several years of sterling service and which I am planning to dust off and plug in again.

However, I have one big problem with going back to the SD210, which is that it does not play DVD-R disks, which now form a reasonable percentage of my SD DVD collection. So, can anyone advise me whether DVD-R playback is a pretty ubiquitous feature nowadays, or if I still have to look for particular players to get this (if so, which)?

Secondly, I did notice that my EP35 HD DVD player seemed to have slightly sharper SD upscaling (via component, to 1080i) than my PHD8 plasma panel seemed to generate with a component feed from the SD210. This may be snake oil, but it looked that way to me. So, my second question is whether there are any GOOD upscaling players (that will support DVD-R) around - as good as the EP35's Anchor Bay chip?

Ideally, I want a cheap player since if I do replace my SD210, it is only short term (a few months). So how cheaply am I likely to find this sort of functionality?

Is something like the Samsung HD870 or Toshiba 370 likely to fit the bill, for example? Or should I forget about HDMI and upscaling with a PHD8 and stick with component (in which case what are the good options for DVD-R)?

Thanks for your help.


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Concerning the SD210E,this was an excellent machine in its day,and up until only 1 year ago,it gave me many years of faultless service. My 210 would play DVD-R's no problem,although it was converted to multi-region,so maybe that had something to do with it.

As far as i know,all current players have no problem playing DVD-R.

theo cupier

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My 210 is multi-region as well, but whenever I've put a DVD-R in it that I've burned myself, it comes up with some message like "no disk" or "error" (I forget the exact message).

Having just done a quick Google, it seems that you're right and it should be compatible with DVD-R.

I burn mine with either Nero or PowerISO. Is there something I need to do with the authoring process to make them work on it (although it's a bit late for my back catalogue now!)?

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