Do Any 55 inch TVs provide Remote Audio Volume Control of a 3.5mm aux jack?


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Streaming TV has wildly varying audio volume.
For example, has much louder audio than Netflix.
My speakers receive audio via a 3.5mm aux jack, currently from a TV jack that ignores volume adjustment from the remote.
I suppose this particular TV assumes that headphones have easily adjustable volume?
Is that a typical assumption for all TVs with 3.5mm audio jacks?
Do any modern 55" TVs adjust the 3.5mm aux audio volume from a remote control? If so, how can I identify them while shopping?
Is there an intermediate HDMI device that will accomplish a 3.5mm audio breakout will passing the video to a TV?


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All TV's here in the UK adjust the headphone volume from the 3.5mm audio out using the TV's remote.
Most modern Sony TV's available here have a menu setting where the 3.5mm audio output can be set at a fixed line level output for connection to an amp whereby the volume will be controlled by the amp…or it can be set as a headphone output and controllable by the TV's remote.
Very few wired headphones have inbuilt volume controls these days.

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