do american projectors work in europe?



I was wondering wether it would be a good idea to buy a projector from an online store in the US? The prices there are considerably lower there even with shipping costs included...

Would the 220V standard in my country (The Netherlands) be a problem with compatibility?


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America runs on a different voltage (150v I believe). You will need a step up transformer if you want to use American electrical equipment in the Netherlands.

They are not expensive and easy to obtain both in America and here.


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US voltage is 120v
You need a STEP DOWN transformer to run most US equipment in Europe.
Projectors use Switch Mode power supplies that typically will run off any voltage between 120v and 240v at 48Hz-62Hz.
But check the specs of the particular projector you are after.


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My wife's cousin brought his PC to Europe. It exploded when he switched it on as he forgot to reset the voltage on the back :suicide: .

OTOH I plugged a UK product into a US plug and it just ran slower - this was a leccy toothbrush.



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I've just brought back a Panny AE500 from the U.S. and can confirm that the power supply is auto switching, bit there is a lack of SCART input if that bothers you. Swappin the power plug was all that was needed.


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How much did you pay for it and where did you buy it from?



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Nabby, I bought the AE500 new from a dealer in California who, because of a friends connection to the owner, sold it to me for his normal sale price of $1950 but with no tax added. It was written up as an out of state sale and I carried it back with my laptop. Had HM customs asked about it it was a 'presentation display' but nobody asked ! It looks quite professional in its grey carry case.
Food for thought for those interested in picking one up. :smashin:
Cheers again !


I was considering buying the BENQ PB6100 after I saw how popular it is on, and I wanted to get it at because of the big difference in price compares to here and also because of favourable exchange rates. But they just told me the 100 dollar refund they give with this projector doesn't apply to me...Also not quite sure if I'll still have warranty on it if I do this...

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