Do all Plasmas and LCDs support PS?


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All plasma, LCD screens and digital projectors are progressive displays. The question being do they all accept those signals from progressive scan DVD players etc. Generally speaking any new display bought will accept PS from both PAL and NTSC sources. However not all will accept higher defintion progressive scan signals (720p 1080i) at both 50Hz (UK) and 60Hz (US) refresh rates. Most will run at 60Hz, but fewer will do 50Hz, especially via DVI/HDMI.


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Can you clarify what you mean?
Some CRT TVs accept and display progressive scan.
All plasmas, DLPs and LCDs are progressive scan displays.
They generally accept both interlaced and progressive video inputs, and de-interlace and scale as necessary.
Certain inputs on certain displays don't accept certain resolution and refresh rates, but generally there isn't too much to be worried about.
The often accept both PAL and NTSC video, but best check the manual first.
Did you have something specific in mind?

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