Do all amps have the same SPDIF input sensitivity? Tech help please.


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Nov 12, 2003
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I'm having a real problem with my new Home Cinema PC. It is connected to my Yamaha DSP A2 via digital coax or optical.

Problem is the sound cuts out for between 1 sec and 3 sec totally randomly whilst watching a movie.

I have taken the PC back to the dealer who supplied the parts and he has kindly hooked it up to his Denon amp and has reported back that no problems were found.

This makes me wonder if some amps are more susceptible to SPDIF feeds than others.

I have swapped interconnects and this has made no difference, also both my stand-alone DVD players work fine and the PC has all the latest drivers installed.

Any advice would be welcome.


SPDIF is standarized, so if there is any difference in the interface then it does not comply with said standard - or perhaps something is faulty or not correctly configured (in the PC).

I move this to the HPTC forum since I assume you get more help there.
Thanks Reiner.

I have tried this question here before, and figured someone in the amps forum might have a different angle.

Some fresh input here would be most welcome though.

My PC spec is:

Gigabyte 7N400 Pro2 MB
AMD 2600+ processor
512 Dual DDR
Asus 9600XT (Has software fan speed control)
Maxtor 120gb HD
Liteon DVD and CD drives
Realtek on board sound pass though (optical or coax)
Windows XP home
Power DVDxp player
Black case with 350W PSU
Z2 via DVI

I did try a trust souncard with digital out, but the Mboard refused to except it, tried another one...same thing. Dealer told me there must be a compatibility problem with the MB?

Sometimes the problem does not occur until about 25 mins into the movie???? power supply I thought??



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