dnx8220: settings lost when battery disconnected


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Recently, I ran into some car trouble; long story short the battery was disconnected. When I got my car back, the Kenwood dnx8220 asked for the passcode, but after that all settings were lost (radio presets, news interrupt settings, display settings, I fear audio settings as well - haven't checked those yet...). However, all the navigation related settings were kept.

Is this the normal behaviour?
The main reason for asking is that the device has quite a number of settings (esp. in the audio department), had I known they would be lost, I'd have written them down... :rolleyes:

It could be that it is normal, in which case this is simply a heads-up! :)



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It's possible that your installer saved the settings on the unit itself.

I lost settings on my DNX7220 after my battery died (left headlights on:eek:). My installer had saved the settings on the Kenwood and was able to recall them.

So check with your installer, you maybe lucky. Just a thought



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Well, I did all these settings myself...

I thought that the installer-save was to be able to lock some audio settings (to prevent un-intended changes)... I hadn't thought it might also save the settings in the event of a powerloss... but I did save them, so I'll try a recall!

But I thought it only includes audio settings, not for instance the tuner settings (presets, news interrupt,...)...



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According to my dealer, loss of all this data is normal... :eek:

I don't know if I stored the audio settings, so that one may be my fault. But presets, etc. are normally lost... :(


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