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If anyone can clear up id be most grateful, i have just setup my first AD/DNS DC, worked great "Test.local" for internal dns, I am just a little grey in certain area's as the company i work for has a .local internal domain name yet in dns there is a list of loads of loads of other dns name .com .co.uk etc that we use with the "companyname.com" etc, I dont know if its me that is struggling to grasp this but i gather these are top level domains "so ive been told" what are these used for? are they for webservers external or to access webmail externally etc or do you need these for internet access when users are going through a domain to locate other dns servers we have on other sites, i understand dns in terms of configuration and different types of records and conditonal forwarding and caching only servers etc but what im getting at is how will the dns in say france talk to one in manchester when you setup a .local internal dns server, does it just reach using a specific ip address and conditinal forwarding or does somthing else need to be done and is that why we have a mycompany.local and mycomany.com within dns or do you need to register a dns server with your isp for presence over the web? all in all im a tad confused any help would be most gratefull.

I hope this is easier than i thought or am i looking way to in-depth please help!!!


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I would think you're better off asking in a specialist Active Directory (or at least Windows network administration) forum, someone here might be able to help but it's a pretty esoteric topic.

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