Dnon 3805 vs pioneer ax5 advice

Upgrading 2802 soon want to upgrade to something around the 900 mark the best seems to be the new denon 3805 and pioneer ax5 they both have very simalier specs is there any input on the new denon there seems to be no reviews on it.

Another option (dont know if this a good one) is to buy a 5 channel power amp ie. rotel rmb1075 and use my current denon 2802 as a processor but i have no idea which option would be better ??? choices choices

please help me intergrated or the power amp on top???


i have just got the AX5i which i am very very pleased with, it has made such a difference to both music and movies compared to my old sony. i did look at the denon, which has one major advantage in that it does video up sampling, but as i dont use the amp for video, just audio that wasnt a big deal to me. If you have a dvd player with i link then that is a very handy feature that the ax5i has over the denon. Hope this helps, hopefully someone who has used both will be able to reply!




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Also wonder the same - anyone compared them?

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The 3805 does have Denon link though. I have an AX5i and am delighted with it. The big, big difference comes when you connect it up to a suitable player (like the 757) with iLink. It's staggering how much better things become. This amp really takes hold of the speakers and has great control. I would compare it to my old Tag AV32R in terms of audio playback, it's that good.

On the downside, it's very big and very deep and it runs quite hot. In fact it's too big for my cabinet which is why I am now looking to the 3805 as a possible replacement. Have to demo it with a Denon link player like the 3910 first though. I would expect to be up there with the ax5i generally though and has better video handling (and that snazzy remote).

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