DNIe Pro and Perfect Pixel HD


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Hi all

Am planning to get a new LCD, the one I have now is Philips 42PFL7862D

I´m in Denmark, so I dont know if the models carry the same names.

I am struggeling to find which of 3 sets to get

Philips 42Pfl9603H


Samsung LE46A866S1
LE46A866S1 tv - stue & soveværelse SAMSUNG


Samsung LE46A796R2
LE46A796R2 tv - stue & soveværelse SAMSUNG

My main concern is the image post processing.
My current set is downsampling a HD 1080P sample to 768P for image processing to then upscale it back to 1080P.

Does anyone know if Philips Perfect Pixel HD or Samsungs DNIe Pro does this ?
Or do they offer Full HD 1080P image priocessing ?

I am leaning more and more towards the Samsung line, and possibly the LED series.

Anyone have some experiences or knowhow that could hekp me make the right decision ?

Thanks in Andvance...

Lunar Wolf

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wow really, what set do you currently have?


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wow really, what set do you currently have?
:D was gonna ask the same :rolleyes:
afaik all these have full 1080p processors. All this year models do, except maybe for the cheap ones.
i dont know what exactly you mean, but philips and sony are a level better than samsung in image processing and especially in upscaling SD signal.


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Mine is a Philips 42PFL7862D, when in 1080P, the image flickers and there are interlaced artifacts.

Philips have stated hat the Pixel Plus 2 HD image processor in this set, isn´t capable of full HD image processing.

I have been watching a 46" w4500, from sony, and I´m not overly impressed with the quality of the image.

I know philips is great, and if the new Perfect Pixel HD is full 1080P then all is good.

Somewhere I read that DNIe Pro takes the imgage to 1080i for image processing is this true ?

The Slim Samsung 8 series is really appealing to me, but then I stumpled upon the 7 series with LED.

This got me all excited, but if the image quality is weak, then I really don´t know.

Here in DK i will be hooking the set up to DVB-C, so it will be fully digital SD and some HD. Will the Samsung still be weak, when it´s not analog sd broadcast ?

See how i´m circeling around those samsung tv´s :)

Thanks for your reply

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