DMREZ25EBS - DV input?


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The Panansonic web site doesn't give much away on the spec. Does this model have DV input?




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Was just about to post a question about this player.

I have this player and have recorded material onto a blank dvd via the DV input from my sony camcorder HC-94.

When I was recording onto the player, my tv automatically switched into widescreen mode - correctly as that is how I recorded on my camera. The problem is now I play back the dvd I recorded , it is not in widescreen mode and the aspect ratio doesn't look quite right although everything looked OK when I was recording it. people look slightly thinner and longer !

Any clues , anyone ?


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no need to reply folks.

It seems programmes in 16:9 format (from whichever source) are recorded in 4x3 format UNLESS you are recording to DVD-RAM !!!

So this means I need to buy a pc dvd writer capable of handling dvd+/- R's and dvd-ram. So I can transfer them onto dvd. Generally most dvd players DO NOT play dvd-ram.

What a palava !!!!


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No they are not recorded in 4:3 format, they are recorded in 16:9 but the widescreen flag is not recorded on formats other than RAM. So if you set your TV to 16:9 mode rather than auto it will be fine. If you have your set in Auto mode, then there will be no widescreen flag on the DVD-R recordings and so it will not realise that it is in fact 16:9.


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Thanks for that. It seems I have to se my tv set to "full" picture in order to get the proportions right.

When I query the dvd on my pc it says it is a 4x3 image plus the fact the pc monitor shows it up as a 4x3 image.

If as you say it's simply a flag that's set to 4x3 then is there a program like ifoedit or something that I can change it to 16x9 ? Surely if I manage to do that the picture will be wrong so I have to always change my tv set when watching these dvd's I have burned....which is a bit of a nuisance as I always leave my tv set to auto (as you should !).

As a matter of interest does anyone think if I copy the film onto my pc using ulead moviefactory 5 and then onto a dvd-5 will the quality be better than using directly dv to dv on my panasonic writer onto dvd-5 ?

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