DMRES20D & Denon 2800 mkII


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I have just ordered 2 42pe50's which I am hoping will come with free DMRES20D, I say hoping as I had tv pricematched and JL have a promotion on. The price match dept said I would not get the DMRES20D but their confirmation letter did not mention it, and when I ordered it the from the audio/visual dept they said it would.

My questions are:

1) Will the DMRES20D be a better player than my 3 yearold Denon 2800 MKII which I have in my front room. Should I move the 2800 to another room or use it to play my DVD's and the DMRES20D to just record. I also have a Denon 3801 and the 5.1 KEFF Egg speakers and sub and sky box.

2) The same question, but in my other room I have a Philips all in one dvd player and 5.1 surround sound and only has scart connections.

3) How should I connect my set up in 2) as the sound comes back through the dvd player from the TV via the scart. How should I connect this up if I play everthing through the DMRES20D.

4) Should I connect the set up in 1) using component from DMRES20D to TV and optical to the 3801, and just scart from SKY to DMRES20D.

I am all confused now :suicide: , and which would be the best budget cables, not cheap and nasty mind.


Thanks in advance

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