DMRES10 recording problem


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I am still having problems with my dmres10 I have been having quality & problems when recording, the first problem was I was having a vertical line down the screen which moved left to right and sometiomes ghosting of words on the screen which also moved left to right, it was suggested that i replace my scart leads which seemed to have cured the problem I think as it wasn't as noticable, but I recorded Deadwood the other night which I timed it recorded ok, but there was a problem sky was set to autoview the recorder turned itself on and started recording before sky came on, like I say the program has been recorded ok, but when the recorder was recording a black screen as sky wasnt on at the time, it was recording a soundtrack from another program, so I still seem to be having a problem with a program overlapping the recording.
secondly I recorded a football match on DVD Ram on Lp the quality wasnt that good it was a bit blurry like it wasnt keeping up with the play, and when the camera angle change to a close up the quality was awful at times like the pixels had all broken up.
anybody got any advice that is if you can understand any of the above??


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Sorry I didn't read your posting properly. It cannot be the aerial if you are recording from Sky. I assume that your terrestial reception, actually via the aerial is OK (This is analogue TV reception). Which seems to suggest a problem between your recorder and the scart box. A badly pixellated picture on the freeview channels usually indicates bad signal strength. I record on LP to my Panasonic with DVD-RAM and its usually fine. Blurring of quick movements can sometimes be a problem on some LCD TV's whether it is on a ram disc or not.

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