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I have had a panasonic DMRE85H uk version for about a year now and have had no problem but just recently i cant dub to dvd the unit starts to dub but then reboots. It will display self check then go blank self check again it will do this about 7 - 8 times before it will actually stay on and behave again. This also happens on occasion when i switch from dvd to hdd and vice versa and once when i just switched the unit on.

I dont know what to do. Could it be the hard drive? i have formatted the hdd thinking it may have corrupted files but no change.

do the units have 1yr or 3yr warranty on them? i cant exactly remember what month last yr i bought it.

Ive heard of a firmware upgrade but it seems to be for the us version is there a uk version? and would it make a difference?


I have also had problems dubbing to DVD on the DMRE85. I bought it Feb 2005. Sometimes it has taken several goes to successfully dub, and the DVDs for the failed recordings are unusable. I have tried to dub partially erased titles and chapter play lists, both fail.

The machine just hangs, it does not re-boot. I have to hold the start/stop button on the machine for several seconds. Lately dubbing has been getting part of the way through and stopping say at 94/100 and the picture is frozen; again the DVD is unusable.

I have not reformatted the HDD. Could it be a bad batch of media? I used some HP DVD-R 1x4, these were about 50% successful; lately some TDK 1x8, and these have all failed.

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