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DMRE500 recording and is it a good machine?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by JeffHNZ, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. JeffHNZ


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    Hi Everyone,

    I am looking at buying one of these machines here in NZ as prices have dropped dramatically.

    I understand that if you record material (say a TV Show) onto a DVD and at a later stage want to copy it back and edit or add material you can't because of copy protection. Is this true or is there a way of doing this?

    Also can I play my CD's as a slide show, they are pics from my Olympus Camera.

    Overall is it a good machine or is there a better one. If so what is it?

  2. Steve N

    Steve N
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    Feb 3, 2005
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    Hi Jeff,
    I bought the 500 when it came out, It is an excellent machine.
    Do not be offended but I assume from your queries that you have not owned a DVD recorder before. All recorders have some form of editing facility.
    Basically - if you can record it, you can edit it - this includes copying back and forth. This is the case whether you have recorded to the harddrive or to a DVD Ram disc. You can not edit on the write once discs (DVD-R)
    I have owned several machines but prefer the Pannys because I think the editing and flexibility are far better than other makes. Having said that, all brands have their pros and cons.
    There are facilities for viewing photo's on the 500 Via a card slot on the front but I have never got round to checking out this aspect. When I was doing my pre purchase scrutiny of reviews and write ups this facility was one that was thought to be another advantage of the 500. As to sorting or viewing as a slide show from a CD I am not sure - maybe other members can come to your rescue on that one. I would certainly expect it you to be able to view your pics as the Panny will read almost every format. If you go for this machine I would reccommend that you store all future pictures on DVD. You would certainly be able to view them as a play list then. You would also be able to store a lot more pictures and add or delete or run off extra copies as required.
    I am a bit obsessed with HDDVDs and in my opinion this is the best DVD recorder on the market at this moment.
    If you are new to this field you may find the Panny 500 a bit of a learning curve as it has a lot of bells and whistles but don't be intimidated, apart from a few quirks it is fairly intuitive and is worth the effort.
    I hope this has been helpful.
    come back if you have any more queries.

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