DMR-EZ25EB - Which HDMI mode?


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I have a Panasonic DMR-EZ25EB DVD recorder connected to a Panasonic TX-26LXD52 LCD TV via an HDMI cable. On the DMR-EZ25EB, I'm wondering what HDMI settings to use. The recorder gives you a list of 5 options, if I remember correctly:


The recorder was set to 576p by default when I got it, but this caused the menus on the TV to appear flickery. So I switched to 576i and now have a stable picture.

I'd like to use 1080i, to get the maximum resolution possible. However, this mode seems utterly pointless to me. Any TV broadcasts or DVD recordings that aren't in 16:9, will be stretched to fill the screen with absolutely no way of altering the aspect ratio!

What's the best mode to use?


'Automatic' is the best setting for you.

Otherwise select the screen resolution of your TV.

You can't win anything. You can only select settings supported by your display device.


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But will "Automatic" ever put the DVD recorder in 720p or 1080i mode? I can't think why it would choose either of these modes when playing DVDs or showing Digital TV.


Why would you want it to?

On automatic it will give you the best picture for whatever circumstances.

Try having a search on these forums for 'upscaling' . There has been extensive debate about the pointlessness of upscaling in a source device when the display device will do a better job of it and completing in it's native resolution.

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