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Answered DMR EX85 No Passthrough When Powered Off


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I thought I understood my TV & DVD recorder's (DMR EX85) setup, but apparently not: I have my Freeview rooftop coaxial TV aerial plugged into the "RF In" of my DMR EX85 and its "RF Out" plugged into the input an external Freeview HD box. The RF output of the HD box plugs into RF input of my TV. So the 3 devices are daisychained together: aerial->DMR EX85->HD box->TV. I also have a direct connection between the DMR EX85 and the TV via an HDMI cable.

When the HD box is completely powered off (not just on standby), I can watch Freeview TV directly (with the DMR EX85 on standby) by switching the TV to its digital TV channel and using the TV controls to switch channels. Alternatively I can watch the DMR EX85 when it's not on standby by switching the TV to the HDMI channel. However, if I power off the DMR EX85, I cannot watch TV at all - the digital TV channel goes blank!

I was assuming the passthough of the DMR EX85 would be similar to the HD box, in that it doesn't need power to passthough the TV signal to the TV. I should be able to watch TV with the DMR EX85 powered off, or am I wrong???

I sometimes receive a "weak signal" message on the TV. Could the cause be that the signal has become too weak for passthrough?



The EX85 does require mains power connection in order to be able to provide RF passthrough.

These devices are designed to be permanently powered. A number of their vital functions depend on it.

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