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DMR-EX75 flickering screen via Scart


Standard Member
Set up my new Panny DMR-EX75 today and decided to have a bit of a play around with connections to see if I could see the difference between RGB scart and component when hooked up to my Panny PWD8.

Whilst I was playing Human Traffic on DVD I noticed a green and red band was appearing and then disappearing at the top of the picture when hooked up via RGB Scart. It was definitely related to the actual picture being displayed, possibly the brightness, as it appeared on some scenes and then quickly disappeared when it cut to something else. It didn't appear using the component connection.

Has anyone else come accross this? I checked the SCART was connected fully which it was. The SCART is decent quality and I've been using it for years connected up from my Sky box with no problems.

Wondering if my EX75 is faulty?


Standard Member
Yes a couple and it didn't do it with the other DVDs. I also tried the Human Traffic DVD on my other DVD player and it was fine.


Is it a region 2 PAL disk or something else?


Standard Member
Yes, all my disks are Region 2 PAL. Strangely I've not been able to rectify the problem on another DVD yet but haven't tried many as I only got the EX75 at the weekend.

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