DMR-ES10 problem recording B&W videos

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    I have a Panasonic DMR-ES10 recorder.

    One of the main reasons I bought it was to make DVD's from recordings I had originally made on my VCR video recorder.

    If I transfer from colour videos there is no problem, the resulting DVD is fine,
    colour is good, sound good, I am happy.

    BUT if I try to transfer videos of an old black and white film I've got problems.

    The resulting DVD has coloured 'snow' over the entire screen as if I were
    watching the DVD through a swirling snowstorm.

    I've tried various B&W films, always the same result. I've tried recording
    with just a scart between VCR and the DMR-ES10, no TV connected, same
    result. I've tried different scart leads, same result.

    If I connect the VCR directly to the TV and play a B&W video then no problem, the picture is good. Seems the VCR unit is capable of playing back OK.

    Can anybody give any help on this. If so I would be very gratefull

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