DMR-EH60D - extending a timer recording


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Have new EH60D and think that I have worked out how to use most of it. But the other night got home while a previously set timer recording was underway. Since I was watching it in real-time I realised that the program was going to overrun. However couldn't find any way of telling the machine not to stop at the programmed time and instead to keep going. Pressing record when the timer stopped lost a little of the programme but there is no way of joining two recordings together.

Has anyone found a way to keep a recording going?



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As the machine has to be not recording to alter the timer there is no way round this. On my hs2 which works in a similar way you have to do what you did, but this means turning of recording standby, or better to stop the recording during an advert break by turning of the recording standby, edit the end of the timer program, then put back into recording standby mode. The machine will immediately start recording again, to the required new time but you will end up with 2 seperate recordings. If you intend to edit out the ads anyway this is not an issue, and the 2 programs can be dubbed together as a playlist, and there will be no more noticeable gap on playback than for any edited out ad break.

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