DMR-E95 Output & Connection Issue

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    I recently bought a DMR-E95 DVD/HD recorder but have come across an unexpected output situation.

    This is my setup and connection:

    SKY+ TV o/p -> Pace Twin VCR/TV2 Scart

    Pace Twin TV Scart -> DMR-E95 AV2

    DMR-E95 AV1 -> TV Scart

    All connections using fully wired scarts.

    The Results:

    When SKY+ is on, Pace Twin is in Standby, and DMR-E95 is in Standby, I can see the SKY+ picture & sound on the TV. This is as expected.

    Then when I switch on the DMR-E95 I get the following result:

    The SKY+ picture disappears, and I get a normal terrestrial channel on the TV. I was expecting the SKY+ picture to be passed through to the TV. I do have AV2 selected as input on the DMR-E95, and I believe all other connection settings are correctly set on the DMR-E95.

    The weird thing is:

    In this state, when I press the Functions button to bring up the meu on the DMR-E95, the SKY+ picture comes back and is seen in the background.

    Also, when I change the input channel on the DMR-E95 to AV1, AV3, AV4, or 1 (for BBC1), 2 (for BBC2) etc., there is no change on the TV. I would normal expect BBC1 to be seen on the TV if channel 1 is selected, BBC2 when channel 2 is selected, etc.


    If I record from AV2, or record channel 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 on the DMR-E95, this works fine and I can successfully playback the recorded material.

    Can anyone shed any light on this?

    Could the DMR-E95 be faulty, or is the Pace Twin taking effect on this situation?

    Many thanks in advance.

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