DMR E60 setup problems.


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This is a follow on from a thread I setup a few days ago, so sorry to go over old ground, but this problem is bugging the hell out of me

Basically with the DVD player SETUP as such,


I was told that I could watch and record NTL in RGB. If I recorded a normal TV channel I could watch sky but only in composit with setup.

This all seems fine and after help through Hornydragon and Bobones I thought I had it sorted.

However I noticed last night a great increase in quality on the NTL menu screen especially with regards to text when watching through the DVD palyer on stanby mode (AV1) compared to when the machine is switched on and I watch NTL through AV1 with channel AV2 selected on the DVD player. In Stanby mode the writting on the menu screen loses much of its shapness and its certainly nowhere near the quality of plugging the NTL directly into the TV.
Also on the NTL settings menu changing from RGB to Composite is interesting as when in RGB 3 small colour dots, red green and blue appear on screen, to signify the signal. Through AV1 WITH THE DVD in stand by the dots lose much of their colour making them difficult to distinguish. However switch the DVD on and watch through the players AV2 channel and the writting becomes very sharp and the 3 dots are deep excellent colours, very similar to the quality seen when NTL is directly connected.

I have phoned Panasonic and was told with my setup that with the unit in standby I would get a composite picture as the dvd need power to pass an RGB signal.

Is this really true? or should I have an RGB picture even when the DVD palyer is in standby? All scart connections are IXOS cables and I have double checked all the settings. Is it possible that theres a problem with some of the input, output on the DVD player? If so is there any sure fire way of testing it?


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Just been through this setup with a TV engineer and he agrees with Panasonic that passing the NTL signal through DVD players AV2 input and out through DVD AV1 will cause a significant loss of quality to the RGB signal being transmitted when in standby.

Switching the DVD player on will increase the signal strength thus giving a much better RGB image (which it does).

Still not sure I believe all this, as this problem has only occured since I have had the Pani PD30. On my old phillips Widescreen I can't remember this problem.

Any replies greatfully received


steve 111

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If you do a search by Author 'Jem' within the DVD Recorders and media section you will find an excellent thread about this from a couple of weeks back.

Sorted my set-up a treat.

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