DMR-E30 DVD-Ram 3x problems - Any UK Firmware available?


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Like so many others in this forum my UK Panasonic E30 doesn't like some of the newer Panasonic 3x DVD-RAMs and will give a U11 failure when used, usually after reformatting.

I know there are firmware updates on the US site but I've noticed that this is not recommended as it has damaged UK players. Is there now a downloadable firmware update for UK players? The UK site still seems devoid of any such things.

Also has the DVD Recorder Forum at gone forever?

Many thanks if you can answer any of these questions. :)


Hmmm i can tally there with you, however i get that U11 error message on everything i try to play in the ****** player/recorder.

As far as i am concerned this was a very bad machine, all the reviewers rating it must have been paid to write good reviews on it. It wont play a damn dvd whatsoever.

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