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Hi, I'm a rookie at all this DVD malarkey. I've pretty much made up my mind to buy a DMR-E30 recorder, and I note that several of you in this forum have them already and are delighted, which is good news.

Please would someone bear with my ignorance and answer the following:

What is the best way of physically connecting the recorder? I have a Sony TV with 2 Scarts. The RGB Scart is connected direct to the output of my NTL digibox, the AV one goes back to the digibox via my Sony VCR. Can I daisychain the DVD into the RGB socket off the digibox output? Presumably I can also daisychain my RF aerial connection to the DVD for terrestrial broadcasts.

How good is the picture quality from the DMR-E30 in the various recording modes compared with, say, a good VCR? is offering multiregion E30s for £419.95 including shipping, 2 4.7Gb DVD-RAM and 10 DVD-R. This sounds pretty good - does anyone know anything about that company?




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Hi Kainey. Wise choice to go for the E30. First the picture quality in both XP and SP (standard play) are excellent and out perform any VHS by a mile and a half. You probably won't tell the difference between the broadcast signal and the recording.

The other setting LP 4 hour setting is in my oppinion about equivalent to standard VHS some say it's better. The EP 6 hour setting you will really see a drop in picture resolution and is about equivalent to standard VHS in LP mode.

The E30 has another setting which is simply wonderful. The FR mode allows you to select any time you wish between I hour and 6 hours to fill the disc. So in theory you could use your discs for 3 hour recording like VHS and the picture quality is still way ahead of standard VHS. The choice of running time and quality is yours.

You can daisy chain the radio frequency cable for your terestrial channels. Not sure about your RGB daisychain though!

In my set up I have a TV with three scarts and a satellite reciever. Plus the E20 and the E30 plus a VHS recorder being used to copy my tapes to DVD. I have the sat set on RGB but the E20 and E30 set on "S" video. The VHS is just plain composite. I only use two of the TV scarts while the third one is used for a seperate DVD player. Bit of a jungle of cables but it all works pretty well. Enjoy...


Hi Mate,
i daisy chain my sky digibox rgb output through
my dmr-e30 and it works fine

All you have to do is set up the e30 display modes
ie av1 av2 to rgb in the settings, put the rgb output
from the digibox into av2 of the e30 and put av1 from the e30
to the tv - bearing in mind that when your e30 is on, your rgb scart socket on the tv will only show whatever your e30 is recording - so you can daisy chain the other scart output
of your digibox through the video if it is equipped with 2 scarts
in the same fashion - as for daisy chaining rf it is the same as a video..




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Got mine set to record satellite just like Niteman2002. It works a treat.

Also got VHS connected to AV3 and DVD player connected to AV4 via s-video. This covers most most recording requirements for me.


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In case you haven't already ordered it from Avland, then:
SVP Communications:

Panasonic DMR-E30 DVD-RAM and DVD-R Video recorder
Includes 2x Panasonic DVD-RAM Discs

Pack of 10 DATASAFE RITEK Generation 3 4.7GB DVD-R disc

Total: £407.58 with Free NextDay Delivery

As this is where I got my E30 from just over a week ago :)


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