DMR-E30 and SKY+ and a VCR


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Sep 10, 2002
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West Yorkshire, UK
As part of my set-up I have Panny TV which takes RGB, the Panny DMR-E30 DVD recorder, SKY+ and a Panny S950 SVHS VCR.

What is the best way to connect? I have full wired scart to scarts, s-video cables.

I want to be able to play RGB from both the DVD and SKY+ into the TV, and also be able to record in RGB from SKY+ into the DVD recorder. Just want to have good pictures.

All suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
I have my VCR hooked with a 2 way scart into my (normal) Skybox. Sky is then hooked into the E20 via AV2. E20 then goes into from AV1 to the TV.

This way, everything works automatically. VCR kicks straight through to TV when a video is played. Otherwise Sky plays, unless you play a DVD.
You can record onto DVD from the VCR or from SKY. You can also record onto VCR from Sky.

Tv <RGB SCART> Digibox <RGB SCART> Panny DMR-E30

Panny DMR-E30 <SVHS Out> Vcr In
Panny DMR-E30 <SVHS In> Vcr Out

You can record between VCR's, record from digibox to vcr och dvdr. You can't however watch the vcr if you're recording on the dvdr since the dvdr needs to be in SVHS-In mode to pass the signal from the vcr. If you connect the rf cables cleverly this will not be a problem though.
Out of interest does the DMR-E30 allow it to use the SCART sockets as a RGB Passthru ?.

I plan on getting DMR-E30 soon and would like to archive material from my TIVO onto the DMR-E30.

You can atleast record RGB from both scarts, so archiving from the TIVO will be possible. I suspect a complete passthrough as well, since my NV-HS830 does that.
I have mine set up with the Sky+ TV output set to RGB, into the AV2 scart on the DMR-E30 (both the AV1 & 2 scart sockets need to be set up for RGB in the E30 menu), then the DMR-E30 AV1 output into the TV's RGB socket (you may have to set the TV to accept the RGB signal), this means you get RGB picture all through the loop as the E30 has RGB loop through.

For the VCR, take a S-video lead from the Sky+ box to the VCR, then a scart lead from the VCR's scart output socket into the TV's 2nd scart input (again you may need to set the TV to accept the S-video signal).

If you have a third scart socket on the TV, you could run a scart lead from the 2nd scart socket on the Sky+ box to the TV, though this would only be a composite signal.

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