DMR-E30 and Gen4 disks


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Anyone tried the White Label Generation 4 disks in a DMR-E30?

I tried one and it recorded the film OK, apart from it took me 3 attempts to add a title. Now the other 2 I have refuse to work with the 'orid U11 error, "Bad Disk".

I have just ordered a 100 pack of these and am now a little worried, I normally use Bulkpaq Gen3(2) disks which work 99% of the time in all my players.



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I don't know about the E30 as I've got an E20, but from my experience I get the same error message when I use the 2x Media. The machine thinks they're bad discs. When I chuck em in my PC they're fine.

Because of that, I tend to stick to the Generation 3 - 1x media Like the Whitelabel, Datasafe and Choice.

I haven't tried the :devil: Bulkpaq:devil: Gen 3 as the first lot of bulkpaq I got (the white top rubbish) were so good that I had to pull the power, restart and quickly eject on my E20 to get the crappy blanc discs out!!! As they say once bitten twice shy en all....


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It's bizarre, it worked OK with one 2x disk but the other 2 are a no-go. They work OK in my Pioneer 04 burner.

I used the Bulkpaq White-topped disks mainly in my computer but they play back fine on the E30. I don't think I have tried the white-top ones in the E30, maybe I'll give it a go.

The purple Gen3 V2 disks from Bulkpaq have worked flawlessly, over 20 of them over the past two weeks and they are only 45p a disk.


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Hi Cliff,

Can I ask where are you getting bulkpaq X2 for 45p please?

I've had a lot of trouble with media recently, particularly white label X2, 100% failure rate.




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I am at present using my first batch of FWS X2 media from SVP. I have tried them on the E20 but mainly on the E30. So far I have used half of them without having the E20/30 rejecting them.

My concern is having read that Pioneer burners have been at risk when using X2 and X4 media unless the unit has recieved a Pioneer upgrade. I wonder do the panasonic set top recorders or PC burners suffer the same risk??


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The bulkpaq disks aren't X2, they are Gen3(r2) (second edition or something) single speed. Only need single speed in E30.

I bought then from bigpockets originally and some others from a place in Liverpool (can't recall the name), do a google search you will find them somewhere

Bigpockets are selling White Label X2 at 69p but they fail in the E30


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