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Can anyone please explain LPCM to me please.

What I've gathered so far is that:-

Only in XP mode.
Increases audio data rate.
Drops the picture bitrate slightly.
Use for music but limited to 1 hour if burning to disc (because only in XP).

So for recordings from my Sky+ box > E100 HDD > DVD-R will this setting make any difference?




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You pretty much summed it up.

DVD recorders record audio as Dolby Digital 2.0 (i.e compressed) by default.
LPCM audio is CD quality (un-compressed) and uses much, much more space.
In my experience however, it makes very little difference to broadcast recordings which are already compressed anyway.

You're probably better off leaving this setting alone unless recording a valuable music video from a quality source.
Even then, it doesn't seem to make much difference on my Panasonic E60.


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Thanks Jules.

You mention "broadcast" recordings and "quality" sources. To which categories do Sky+ (the better quality channels) belong?

My requirements are transferring live music broadcasts e.g. Later with Jools Holland from Sky+ HDD > Panny HDD > DVD-R.

Would these broadcasts benefit from LPCM do you think?



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All Sky digital broadcasts have compressed audio. Its part of the digital video broadcasting spec.
A good NICAM stereo broadcast from analogue TV has the potential to sound better.

Any LPCM recording onto DVD-R may still sound marginally better, but I think you might be suprised how subtle the difference is.
I have a relatively high-end system and really struggle to tell them apart, so I leave it alone to benefit from a better picture.

Best thing to do is experiment to see for yourself.


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Took your advise and did some extensive testing. The recording was a Baaba Maal live concert recorded from BBC4 with excellent picture and sound quality.

And I agree with you. I could see/hear the differences in both picture and sound between the 2 settings but it is subtle.

So I'll opt for Dolby Digital and enjoy the better picture. I've got CD/DVDA/SACD to cater for my hi fidelity needs.

Still intrigued though: if I record from Sky+ to DVD HDD at XP and LPCM and then dub to DVD-R at SP (because the concert is over 1 hour does that convert the LPCM to dolby digital as LPCM only works in XP mode? :confused:



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Not entirely certain, but I'd guess it would have to.
If it didn't convert it back to DD, it probably wouldn't fit on the disc.
Its another good reason not to use the LPCM function, as you'd be introducing another level of conversion when transferring it to DVD-R, which cannot be a good thing.

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