DMR-E100 Heat / Stacking


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I'm opening my new toys like a kid at Christmas but looking at my AV rack I'm thinking quarts and pint pots.

Can I stack a component on top of the DMR-E100. There's no vent on top but does it dissipate heat through the casing.



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After a lot of juggling of components I'm left with the final dilemma. Amp, DVD and centre speaker nicely fit, one on each of my three shelves on the left-hand side. On the right, the CD player sits alone on one shelf as it's heavy and a strange shape (X-Ray).

This leaves 5 components to fit on 2 shelves of which 3 I'd prefer to have nothing atop. These are the DMR-E100, Sky+ and Quintro. The 2 which I'm quite happy to stack above or below are the iScan and VCR.


Even after the latest download which has caused the fan to come on more often the box lid still gets quite warm plus it's small dimensions mean the only component that will sit on top is the quintro.


It has lots of vents in the lid implying it dissipates a bit of heat but I don't remember my quattro getting at all warm.


See original post.

My guess is Sky+ on top of the Quintro and DMR-E100 on top of the iScan and VCR begging the question will Sky+ block the Quintro venting it's own heat, exacerbated by the Sky+ heat going through the Quintro vents. As the quintro would be the cheapest, least hassle component to replace if it fried, this seems the best method.

Any views.




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My E100 sits between a Quintro and a Pioneer DVD Player.

Never had any problems....


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Cheers Kevo,

Your rack looks as mad as mine. I hope your non-AV-friendly friends don't take the p*ss like mine do.

I hope it's just envy :)


p.s. I'll post a pic too if I can find my digicamera.

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