DMR-BWT850 volume problems playing DVDs through TX-40FS503B


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I recently replaced my broken BWT850 DVD player with a new one and have it connected via HDMI to my TX-40FS503B TV.

It has been a while since I played pre-recorded DVDs but I have noticed that when I do so I have to turn up the volume by about double to hear what's going on! I have checked through the DVD player sound set up and can't see anything relevant and also checked the TV sound settings but, I must confess, I found them a bit confusing.

I did read an earlier post about similar problems encountered when connecting the DVD player to a Samsung TV and suggesting that a setting on the TV needed rectifying and wondered if someone could point me to the relevant TV setting for my Panny?

The sound is OK when playing back HDD recordings it's just pre-recorded DVDs that are the issue.

I don't know if it makes a difference but I have the Viera Link turned off as it occasionally interferes with viewing live TV when a recording is about to start. I also have an HWT130 connected to the TV via HDMI.



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Panasonic TVs normally have a 'Volume Correction' option in the sound menu which allows you to adjust the relative volume on a 'per input' basis of whatever is connected to that input. Adjusting this won't be ideal in your case though if your HDD recordings are at a normal volume, as increasing it will then make playing back those recordings too loud.

There might also be an 'Auto Gain Control' which does this automatically but, similarly, I'm not sure this will help either. Having Viera Link turned off won't affect this issue.

Presuming that you're using your TV's speakers (and not an external sound system), have you tried playing around with the TV's different sound modes ? What other options do you have on both the TV and DVD player's sound output options menu ?

There may be a difference in volume between some DVDs - does the problem occur with all of the ones you own ? Might be worth picking a few at random to check it isn't a problem with certain disks rather than the player or TV.


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Thanks for your response.

I've been fiddling on and off for about two hours now and haven't been able to resolve it.

1. I found the Volume Correction option and but changing that not only affected DVD play back but also the volume for every other use of the DVD player/recorder - as you thought might be the case.

2. Auto Gain Control had no effect.

3. I tried it with the TV speakers on different modes as well as some Bose speakers connected to the headphone socket. It made no difference.

4. I have tried several pre-recorded DVDs and they all needed the volume increasing by roughly the same amount.

Unfortunately I can't remember whether I had the same issue on the old BWT850, BUT it is only an inconvenience brought about by 24 hour football and having to watch some old films. Not really a major problem so I guess I'll have to learn to live with it.

Thanks once again for your input.

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