DMR BWT 700GL (AV input recording - 4:3 ?)


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I have a 16:9 football recording on my cable TV box (it's 100% no doubt 16:9).
I have connected the cable TV box to my DMR BWT700GL using the AV input, and recorded in XP to the HD (it only allows XP recording through AV input). Connection is a scart out of the cable TV box input to the DVD recorder with yellow video + red and white audio).
Aspect for recording is set to auto, I also tried aspect set to 16:9, I burned the recording made with high speed recording set to on to DVD-R in high speed, I also tested by recording and burning again made with high speed set to off and burned to DVD-R using XP).

Once I have finished recording and go to all the programmes I have recorded to the recorders hard drive, on the left you see little rectangle pictures of all the recorded programmes. In the recorded programme list I can see all the AV input recordings have black bars on the left & right sides (like a 4:3), but all the programmes recorded from the internal receiver (eg not AV input recordings) do not have those black bars...

To be able to see if it was truly 4:3 I changed my actual TV aspect with the TV remote to 4:3 - so it's showing free to air widescreen 16:9 TV with grey bars both sides.

Playing the recording off the hard drive fills the screen to the grey bars (but grey bars are showing).
Playing the DVD in my DVD recorder also fills the screen to the grey bars (with grey bars showing).

But when I play the DVD with my standalone DVD player and select standalone player setting as "16:9 wide" it's filled to the grey bars (but grey bars are still there), if I select on my standalone "16:9 wide/auto" it displays with black bars inside the grey bars (so it's like it has double bars each side).
Selecting "4:3 letterbox" and also "4:3 pan/scan" on standalone DVD player both fill to the grey bars (but grey bars are there).

So... with my TV aspect set to 4:3 (so I can see the grey bars to be sure it's not automatically filling out the screen) and playing the DVD's with my "standalone DVD player" the following happens...
1) 16:9 recorded from free to air TV with the internal digital receiver = filled to grey bars (with grey bars there).
2) DVD made from AV input of 16:9 from cable TV box = grey bars, then black bars.
3) DVD made from AV input of 4:3 from cable TV box = grey bars, black bars, then a 2nd set of black bars.

I'm kind of confused as I'm not sure if the DVD Recorder is just filling everything out?, because it seems from the standalone DVD player results the DVD Recorder is adding black bars when burning to DVD?????
Am I missing something here?, does recording 16:9 through AV input automatically add the black bars?, or am I doing somethin wrong?
Hopefully someboday has an idea what is happening and can please help...
Any help appreciated.
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