DMP-BDT310, DLNA and "Media format not supported"


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After used Google without any satisfying result, I'll try my luck with a post here.

In short: When I from my laptop (Windows 7) open MediaPlayer and choose "Play to" and select my DMP-BDT310 Blu-ray player, i get the message "Media format is not supported".

What puzzles me, is that when I use the remote for the BDT310 and through the BDT310's menu eventually select DLNA and my Verbatim NAS-box (Twonky), I can play the files from there. These are the exact same files I try to "Play to" in MediaPlayer.

Anyone know why the MediaPlayer approach get error, but with the "on-the-bdt310" approach I can play the files? Any settings I haven't found yet? :)

When select "Play to" and select my TV, the music plays (through the TV), but the TV-speakers aren't much to listen at :)

And by the way: Pictures and videos shows/plays on the BDT310, when I use "Play to" in MediaPlayer. It's just the MP3-files that doesn't.'





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I've got the 210 and can't get any video files to play from my nas with twonky, what's the quality like on the vids you can play and what format are they? Sorry to hijack your post.


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That's ok.

I just tested with videos take with my phone, and some Microsoft-learning videos. Just wanted to check if it worked at all, so I have no real reference for you. Music is my main concern.

I will just buy a toslink-cable, connect my TV to my receiver, and "Play to" my TV instead - since this solution work. Although still puzzled why the BDT310 don't.

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