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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by blockatvalpo, Mar 10, 2005.

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    I have finally decided between the Toshiba 52HM84 and the Mitsubishi WD-52525. I will just be using an antenna for now, but plan on upgrading to cable in the future. If I get the Toshiba tv, I am going to buy the LG LST-3510 tuner with built in DVD player. Is this a better combo that just buying the Mitsubishi since it has the built in tuner. I have read that the Mitsubishi has a ton of glare. I will be about 12 feet from the tv, so I believe either one of these will be fine. My only problem is determining which one is a better buy. From what I have read, the Toshiba gets a better of broadcast picture than the Mitsubishi. The nice thing about Mitsubishi is you can always upgrade the firmware. I am not sure if this is true about the Toshiba. The room that the tv will be used has sliding glass doors with blinds on it, and that is the only source of natural light. Any thoughts as to which tv would be better? I like both of them, but after searching on here, I couldn't find a clear answer to how the built in tuner differs from a seperate tuner box.

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