DLP rainbows

After reading all the reviews of the £4k Sim2 HT200 I was all set to buy. I fought my natural instincts and went for a demo. Glad I did. I found the picture completely unwatchable. The colours and clarity of the picture were superb but the rainbow is just way too off putting for me. I preferred the not as vibrant picture of the £1.5k Sanyo LCD!!

I've read through a number of back issues of HCC recently and they only seem to mention rainbow when it isn't a problem. Which I find a bit disappointing.



The Sim2 HT200 has a first generation colour wheel (x1 or x2). Its speed is very slow compared to pj like the Piano (4x) or the Sharp Z90 (x5). Try the DLP pjs with the latest type of colour wheel. I am sure that you're gonna see a big difference for the rainbow effects.


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The NEC HT1000 has a 4-speed colour wheel and the video is a good representation of what I was seeing ( unfortunately :( )
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