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I'm looking to purchase a single-chip DLP projector with the following requirements : Single-chip DLP® projection system with at least 16.7 million colors or more (preferrably the new DarkChip 3). Six segment wheel(RGBRGB) rotating at two revolutions per frame (4x wheel), OR "In some recent high-end models, the spinning color wheel and the white bulb have been replaced with a package containing super-bright LEDs in the three primary colors (red, green, and blue). Since LEDs can be switched on and off very quickly, this design allows even higher rates of sequential
single-color image projection. Bulb life is also much longer (and light intensity more consistent over the life of the bulb) with the LED pack than with earlier lighting technologies." Projector weight under 3-lbs Contrast ratio of between 2000:1 to 3000:1. (newer DLP chip designs, which increase the tilt of the mirrors from 10 degrees to 12 degreees, and features a black substrate under the mirrors) Brightness uniformity rating
of 85% or higher. Must have plug-and-play and user-friendly features for easy setup & take down. Digital keystone correction Wireless mouse control Multiple computer inputs for complex presentations Must have Component video inputs Must have S-video and composite video inputs Must have Digital Visual Interface (DVI) input. Also important is the projector's bulb must be easily user replacable as I don't want to have to take my projector to a technician to change it for me. I'll be using the DLP projector for showing wedding video highlights at big ballrooms in 5-star hotels during dinners. Hence, a projector that can produce smooth non jerky moving images, a high brightness rating & high contrast ratio are most importaant. Budget is between 2,268.36 USD to 3,392.36 USD. Please advice. Thanks in advance.


Would you highly recommend the Mitsubishi HC3100, which is the latest & newest upgrade from the HC3000? I'm very, very impressed with the HC3100 specs & color performance. Plus it uses the newest DarkChip3 from TI. What do you all think?


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Since LEDs can be switched on and off very quickly, this design allows even higher rates of sequential single-color image projection.

One point I would like to make with regards to the speed of sequential colour switching on DLP devices; it is not limited by the speed at which a colour wheel can physically be rotated, but rather the speed at which the DMD micro mirrors can be modulated. The introduction of LED light sources does not directly yield to faster sequential colour refresh rates, this is almost entirely down to the development of faster DMDs and processing power. I do look forward to when LED light sources are common use; this will result in longer, cooler run times.

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