DLP Outperforms Plasma And LCD At Less Than Half The Price

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Charlie999, Jan 7, 2005.

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    I've been reading a lot of TOSH on here about blurring.

    Not surprisingly really.

    The latest Toshiba 46" DLP blows the competion away.

    It's not quite flat and can't be wall mounted. However its only 15" deep and is perfect on its stand.

    Sure it looks a bit brash (the stand is American as is DLP technology)

    But just as the X-Box blows PS2 away graphically, though its an ugly fat brick, so does DLP.

    I don't see any of the problems that others are reporting with "their" Toshiba DLP's.

    Incidentally I was about to purchase a 45" Sharp Aquos LCD for over £5K.

    The Sharp "looks" nicer until you spend 30 mins looking at the detail of picture movement (in Alders) and the lag begins to annoy.

    DLP's simply don't exhibit this lag.

    I want another smaller DLP now for the front room.

    Toshiba don't make one.

    The Samsung is also too big.

    Maybe the new Sagem will fit.

    It's got to have a dimension less than 47" wide.

    The Tosh is 53" wide.

    It would fit if I cut off the speakers.

    But then it wouldn't sound as nice.

    Just feed the Tosh with true a HDTV feed and be blown away.

    To further this point. The amount of money involved in all the various TV technologies is phenomenal. The various players whilst hedging their bets to some extent will each be far more financially committed to one technology over the others...

    So if something much better and much cheaper comes along they get rather worried.

    The internet is a very powerful marketing tool.

    I bought my Toshiba 46" purely from reading information about it on the internet.

    Most people tell the truth.

    Which is just as well, as when it appeared in our home from Empire Direct, it was the first one I'd seen.

    And our entire family was blown away by it.

    The first thing that came on was "Friends"...

    Even that looked amazing on what was an appalling bit rate.

    Just seen my first "Rainbow" after over 100hrs of viewing.....

    I was watching a video of a band called Jinnhouse that I recorded on my Canon MVX3i. It's not quite HDTV ...but its about the best DV Camera available for videoing Rock Bands under £1K (brilliant sound control and image stabilisation - though auto-focus not as good as Sony)...

    Now I think the Rainbow could have been from the TV, rather than the camera...

    Or it might have been something else completely....

    Bloody good stuff.

    I think you have to be stoned to see Rainbows.

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