DLP HD2 or stay with LCD ?

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by MarkHudds, Dec 24, 2002.

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    Jun 12, 2002
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    Having a decision trauma ... any help really appreciated!

    My current proj: Sony VPL-VW11HT
    My current dislikes: Black level (not 'Smarted' yet) & stuck pixels!
    My current likes: WXGA panel & brightness/sharpness (using a 10 ft screen)

    Future options (probably from pricejapan):

    1. Go for a HD2 DLP (Sharp Z10000, Marantz S2 or Tosh MT8)
    2. Go for a VPL-VW12HT

    Pros option 1:
    Better blacks, more film like image, no (limited) risk of dead pixels
    Cons option 1:
    I think I'm suspect to rainbows (although I've only ever seen 1 DLP proj - runco CL500), lower resolution, new ceiling mount required :D , more £££

    Pros option 2:
    Better blacks than I've got now, keep same ceiling mount (easy proj swap over), retain WXGA panel, Only £2844+VAT !!!
    Cons option 2:
    Still a risk of dead pixels - which I really can't live with (well the bright green variety anyway!), Blacks not HD2 black.

    I guess it comes down to rainbows vs dead pixels ... I've had bad experience with dead pixels as on all my LCD projectors I've not had them on projector delivery - they've appeared after about 3 months use. I suppose there is an argument for saying that a few rainbows experienced during a 2hr film is better than staring at a green dot for 2hrs???

    I was considering going to see Roland in the new year about a second hand 9" CRT, however people have told me that they see rainbows on CRT too!!! (and I don't think it was a wind-up) ;)

    Happy Christmas everyone ... enjoy your viewing!!!
    :D :D :D
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    Feb 20, 2002
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    I would be inclined to check out some DLP PJ's to determine your level of sestivity to rainbows. IMO a static pixel is preferable to rainbows that may give you a headache. As an Epson TW100 owner I can sympathise with the dead pixel problem although I did finally get one that is OK.

    I will be checking out the 7200 (MT8) early in the new year and comparing the results against my TW100. By the 10th of january I will have a better idea of the for's and against.

    Just for the record I think the TW100 has better contrast to the Sony VPL-VW11HT but the new 12HT may now be better in this respect to my TW100

    BTW if you want to improve you black levels and contrast, I recommend that you consider investing in a FireHawk screen, it was definitley one of the best investments I have made.

    Merry Xmas to you too.
  3. Kavin_Andi


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    I'm in the same position!

    1. HD2 chip: 7200/MT8
    2. VW12HT
    3. ZV9000.
    4. HT1000

    No.1 will mean stretching the budget which I'd rather not do.

    2.I'm also worried about dead pixels several months after use.

    3. Looks like bargain of the year; no dead pixels to worry about. 'older' technology.4:3 via HTPC (does this include VGA->component?!?)

    4. Not WXGA, pal tearing problems, probably overated by market forces stearing opinions over the pond.;)

    Unlike Mark my previous PJ was an XGA DLP plus I'm not sensitive to rainbows.

    All I want is a nice, smooth, vibrant image at a fair price. Is this asking to much?:(

    CRT would be nice but I don't have a dedicated room.

    Is it time to consider something else: DILA for example.

    This whole projector malarky is driving me nuts and I may give in and get a 50" plasma instead.

    Xmas without a PJ:mad:


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