Question Dlp flickering.


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Hi.. So I got a used projector.. Its been running great for 200 hours (so I can't blame the seller) but its got a slight flicker starting to develop... More noticeable in some scenes than others.
Anyway.... I noticed the projector was rattling.... I've opened it up and the back ceramic disc has come off the bulb and there is sand from it all inside...

Shall I open it up and clean the colour wheel and stuff....then put a new bulb in.. Or just get a new bulb?

Any advice would be great... Thanks.


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I don't own a DLP projector on a 3 LCD however most issues relating to flicker on 3 LCD are bulb related.
Do you know how many hours the bulb had clocked up prior to you purchasing?
If running in echo mode (assuming your projector has it) try running at full brightness for around 10 hours as this sometimes clears the problem. In your case bits missing and sand present would suggest the bulb is breaking down or breaking up!!!
The rattling you mentioned sounds a bit odd and you need to somehow discover if it is colour wheel or cooling fan related. It could also be grit that has contaminated moving parts. A good clean is definitely recommended.

I can't advise on the colour wheel clearing/ adjustment as I have no experience. Good luck
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