DLO Homedock Deluxe £110


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I had this dock delivered today having ordered it direct from their US website paying via Credit Card. Price was $150 and shiiping was free. I paid full import duty and handling fee to UPS of around £30 but it still worked out at only £110. Service was excellent, posted within 2 days and delivered within 7 days of ordering.

First impressions are excellent. Plug was obviously US but just used a plug adapter, voltage was fine (110v to 240v range). The small remote control feels solid and my Nano sits nicely in the dock with the case still on the Nano. Menu's are clear and precise with the same structure as the Nano. Most importantly, sound quality is excellent and a significant improvement over the xBox 360.

Only slight dissappointment is that I still don't seem to be able to scan through an individual track, which it claims to be able to do.



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What is the delay like when navigating from song to song down the menu's? I've read it is painfully slow on long lists.


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Yeh nice little mini review would be nice with pics of on screen menu etc etc:smashin:


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I can't say I've noticed any problems with slow navigation, if anything the opposite, in that once you have gone through about 3 pages it speeds up so much that you can't read it anymore and scrolls through the full list in about 1 second. You just have to remember to pause every 3 or 4 pages to stop it going nuts.


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Hi, I'm thinking of getting one of these too. I emailed them for more details about the specs and costs to the UK and they responded very quickly, so I am impressed with their customer service already.

The question I still have that they couldn't answer is, does it only output in NTSC?

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