dlink router log (hack?)


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first off sorry if this is in the wrong section - haven't been on this forum in a while.

I'm getting a little worried after looking at my sky dlink router log stats in the security section. Usually i will get hack attempts in the following format:

kernel: Intrusion from a random ip to my external ip address.

sometimes i will get :

kernel: Firewall Log if i have been downloading torrents or accessed my pc through ssh.

but recently i have seen kernel: Firewall from a random ip to one of my internal ip's . In one day i had 4 attempts from an ip in china to port 80 on my PS3's ip which is (baring in mind i have port forward 80 and a few other for online gaming)

I also saw kernel: Firewall going from an IP to my girlfriend phone's internal IP I typed in the whois command in linux terminal for that one and found that it was an ip from facebook?

so far i havent seen any attempts on my pc's internal IP apart from when ive been doing things.

Can anyone tell me if this is serious? How would they get access to my LAN IP's?

I cant see what they can do with port 80 on my ps3 but should i close down all the port forwarding and put the ps3 into a dmz?

Again sorry if this post is in the wrong section


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