Dlink DSM-320 do you have one



I want to buy a Dlink DSM-320 to watch movies on my tv. I have 200+ movies that i am converting to MP4 and will be storing them on my server. Also I wont be using the wireless on it at all it will be hardwired to the network. So far the movies look great playing them from the server to my pc. So I would like to know if anyone has tried useing the DSM this way. I know the wireless has given some people problems so i do care to know about that. Just want to know how good is it hard wired and playing movies.


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I've had one for a year or so now with no real problems at all.

I've got a wireless connection from pc to my Belkin router upstairs and then a wired connection to the d-link.

I download a fair amount of films & tv in avi format and it streams them all with no problems. It'll also do music and pics with no hassle and also has intenet radio.

The on screen menu is nice and simple and the pc software is ok, just point to folders to monitor and it does it's job.

Saved a huge amount of hassle compared to encoding to dvd format and burning to disk..it's simply a huge time saver and was worth every penny.

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