Dlc Not Region Coded


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At last i can now access my rock band music store on my uk gamer tag, before i was using my usa account to down load them..
I down loaded oasis track pack and it plays fine on my ntsc copy :clap::clap:

So no having to sign into my usa account then back into my uk one to play it.. And i spent all my usa points on ten songs but my uk account now has 3700 on it so i should end up with 50 songs extra by the end of the night

And every one said that it wouldn't work ~ i can confirm it does :smashin:


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Just so you know it will also work the other way around..

E.G.... You can down load us content and it will play fine on a pal version of the game...

GET SPENDING GUYS......:thumbsup:


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That's great news. I'm not sure why people thought it wouldn't work but there seemed to be lots of talk about it not working.
The only other things of course is the both the guys that confirmed it both d/l Oasis pack

Guess I better try something myself that isn't Oasis :D
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