DJI Mini 3 Pro RC controller (where it talks to for content)


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So playing around with the new mini 3 pro and the RC con controller whilst connected to my home wifi and discover that the controller won't connect to/or perform certain functions (things like checking for firmware updates, DJI academy, location etc.) so then tried the same functions but this time using my phones hotspot (just to see if I maybe had something set on my router that was possibly blocking the controller from connecting to the DJI servers, using my phones hotspot lo and behold everything works as it should and no problems connecting to the DJI servers this way.

So then went looking into my home wifi setup to see if I could spot anything obvious that would prevent the RC from connecting to the DJI servers when the RC was connected to my home WiFi....

I use a Ubiquiti UDM pro for my home network which has some neat threat management capabilities that you can set, one of those features is the ability to block incoming and outgoing traffic from/to a specific country, I have selected Russia (due to the potential of something nasty coming our way due to the Ukraine situation)
to my surprise as soon as I removed the traffic block from/to Russia everything works fine, as soon as I re-instate the traffic block for Russia the RC fails to connect to the DJI servers which can only lead me to believe DJI are using servers in Russia? just something to be aware of...................


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Or somehow transferring through Russia , to be honest I think you may be overthinking this somehow , not trying to be funny btw , unless of course you also wear a tinfoil hat 🤣🤣

Joke ✌️


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Yes absolutely, superb bit of kit, been flying a Phantom 3 pro for past 5 years (without any problems from the drone at all) looked at the mavic and held back as I wanted something a bit smaller started to look at the mini 2 and realised there was probably a mini 3 coming so again held back until it was launched and pulled the trigger, so much functionality in such a small drone! going to have a load of fun with this for sure..


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