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im not sure if this is the right spot but im having a problem with the dj's music sounding consistant. I will fine tune the system during a sound check acording to the band playing but messing with the main eq throws the dj's music off. He is running through a little 16 channel board himself and that runs into 2 channels for stero into my main board. Maybe its a conflict of him fighting 3 diff eq's im not sure. Does anyone know a solution for this or is it possible to bypass it all for the dj so he sounds consistant? any feedback will be most helpful.


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Good question and you are not alone! I assume the main eq is being used to eq the whole band and maybe do feedback suppression too? The main eq should only really be used to eq the room not sort the bands mess out. This would explain why the dj sounds odd.

However you seem to have more desks inline than ideal, why the 16ch desk, is that being used as the dj mixer? The dj should run all eq at zero unless mixing when they will dip the bass when beat mixing etc. Your eq input on your desk should also be at zero. The dj signal chain should apply no eq, the overall main eq should do that bit only. If the dj still plays with the eq most pro dj desks can be internally modified to only apply eq cut for the bass and have the treble and mid disconnected, this is what I do!

Hope this makes some sense? Feel free to ask more.

Post up some of the hardware details you are using, mixer, decks, amps, main eq etc. Also some details on how you set up the system, do you do it by ear or using pink noise etc?


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