DJ Hero Tiësto Mix Pack DLC 'FREE' [LIMITED]


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U Gotta be quick, I just done it, so I know it works.

Go 2

And register, it's for US only but just make up a address,
you don't need to do any email confimation,
just sign in, log in, and redeem the free dlc,
requires 0 coke points :D



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Easy....just need to get the 2nd game at some point!! lol


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Just got mine for PS3 - Now need to finally get around to buying the game (for a reasonable price).

Thanks OP :)


Done. And you can get more than one per account, just 'buy' another


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Every time I try I get "Inventory Empty" so I thought they'd all gone.

Update: When I allowed the javascript for the website it worked.

sorry for the mis-information.
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New Start Neil

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Just grabbed this for 360, thanks. :thumbsup:

You have successfully redeemed a code for:

Tiësto Pack pres by Coca-Cola

It has been added to your Download Queue.

[Edit] - That would have been 800 points on Marketplace. :eek:
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