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    Like a number of other posters on here, I have struggled to find a rack of the required dimensions and finish, at a reasonable cost.

    To tide me over, I've made one from some kitchen wall units and the results are better that I expected. The units are from the Focus range. They were the only 575mm high ones I could find. I secured three together and added a 150mm extension to the bottom using contiboard (to accommodate the deeper AV kit). The supplied shelves were sufficient for my other kit.

    I fixed 12 castors to the bottom to facilitate easier access to the rear for cabling etc.

    I had intended making some kind of 'top' for it, but the veneered top of the units themselves looks okay, so I've left it at that for the moment.

    I haven't bothered filling in the open areas at the back (which I could have done by cutting down the supplied back boards), as the smoked effect of the glass and the angle of viewing means that this is not actually noticeable.

    The units with glass doors cost around £75 each. A cheaper solid door one could be used for the centre as the door is obviously not required, however I bought one as a spare in case one of the others gets broken. Other supplier's ranges include 'open units' without any door that can be bought very cheaply although all of these I found were too high.

    Just an idea that might be of use to others. :)


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