DIY Wall mount for turntable



I would like to install my turntable (= Denon DP300F) on a shelf on the wall for two reasons.
1) This should isolate my turntable from floor fibrations (I have a wooden floor).
2) We have a relatively small living room, thus a "floating shelf" looks much lighter than a bulky piece of furniture on the ground.

I've been doing some internet research and I find a couple of turntable wall mounts from Project or Rega, but they're quite expensive (starting price = 150€), which is why I was thinking of making one myself.. Another reason why I would like to make one myself, is because I would want to install my projector and my speakers on similar shelves. These would thus have to be of the same material, and I can't affor to buy 4 turntable wall-mounts :-D

Now, for this DIY wall-mount, I have some questions with regards to material choice.
1) I would like to have wooden shelves. Which type of wood - and which thickness - do you think is suitable
2) Follow-up question: I read that the ideal support for your turntable actually depends on the turntable brand. e.g. A Rega TT supposedly wouldn't sound very good on a wooden support, while other turntables seem to have no issue. Is this something to take into account? If so, does anyone have experience with the Denon DP300F?
3) Which wall brackets should I use? I read that the most important is that it's fixed quite strongly into the wall, so that both shelf and table remain level over the years.

PS: I've ready on multiple forums that the IKEA Lack table tops form good sound isolation, however I don't like the way this looks as the the table top is quite thick.
PS2: If you guys have affordable product suggestions for turntable wall-mounts, also don't hesitate :)

Looking forward to hearing other people's feedback,



Esox Lucius

Novice Member
What type of wall construction is it; masonry, drywall (plasterboard mounted on wooden batterns), Drywall (plasterboard mounted to masonry using dot and dab adhesive plaster), other?

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