DIY Subwoofer Project: Dual-R-E (geddit?)


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Finally picked my drivers so I thought i'd start a project log.

Linn Sizmik (500w RMS)

RE Audio RE10 v2 (x2)

Preliminary renderings:
Box dimensions straight from RE site. 20mm height added to offset the volume of the amp. Will stand about 1m tall once spikes are added and 30cm wide. CD is used as comparison.

Any first thoughts?


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10 inch drivers will be punchy, but will the give you the really low (gut churning) rumbles you want?

The night club I used to work in ran twin 15" driver in folded horn for day-to-day bass duties and then when they wanted to add real bottom end we'd roll in 4 front firing 18" subs!

I don't know what your speakers you're running on your full range system but I'd have thought possibly a 10" and 15" in a cabinet would give you a broader range!?!?

I'm just speculating and I don't claimto be any kind of expert.

One thought would be whether you are going to round of the internal corners to smooth the air flow?


Wouldn't you have problems with two different sized drivers in the same box trying to pump different amounts of air out of the port?


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I can't see why, as long as the box is of sufficient volume and the port has sufficient 'throughput'.


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After being almost certain about the twin 10s, I have had a few chats with people in the know and will probably be going for a single 12" instead. Thanks for the input though!

I now need to decide between a few brands and then get this thread deleted and start a new one with the updated project.

If you have any info on the following then please let me know on here or via PM/Email.

Shadow-works Bronze or Genesis.
Diablo 12db.

Thanks, Tom

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