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Discussion in 'DIY Speaker & Subwoofer Building' started by kristoffdj, Aug 17, 2018.

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    I'm upgrading a Home Cinema setup in my parents new house for them. For the first time they have a room that can be used as a dedicated cinema room.

    Going with an Epson eh-tw7300 projector and fixed screen at around 120" for the image side of things. I'll be using a Denon AVRX 2400H receiver (as they already own one) and I'll be setting it up as 5.2.2 atmos.

    Speaker wise they already have some budget tannoy stuff that they'd like me to use to keep costs in check. This will mean tannoy eclipse ones for front left and right, an eclipse one centre channel speaker, and tannoy FX satellite speakers for rears and ceiling. Not the best obviously but it'll do I reckon.

    The part I'm not sure on is subwoofers. They have some crappy tannoy boom box now and that's going in the skip.

    I will be making custom cabinets around the screen so I was thinking I may as well make one or two integrated subwoofers.

    I've done this in the past and I've always used simple sealed box designs. I was thinking this time I might try ported for a change. But, this system will also be used for music, so is ported suitable?

    I need response from 18hz up to 120hz, or thereabouts. I think.

    What do people think? I was thinking of buying a pair of Kappa lf 15's, hooking them up to an EP2500 amp and putting them into a biggish ported box tuned to 23hz or so. Good idea? Or bad Idea?

    Would I be better just keeping it simple and sticking with sealed? Probably be tighter and play higher, but what about the Low Frequency roll off for movies?

    Final question, will the Denon avrx be capable of providing the EQ needed in either ported or sealed applications, or will I need some other sort of processor to flatten out the response. In the past I've used an ultradrive on the big subs I've built, but that was years ago and hopefully AV receivers have improved so that EQ processing to boost the roll-off is now done on board?

    Thanks all

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