DIY speaker stands (steel painting question!)


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I'm not 100% sure this is the right place, but it seemed like the best fit being DIY and all. I'm an idiot and this is probably a stupid question...

I'm currently making some desktop stands for the Focal nearfield speakers I want. Basically copying the Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizer design as the actual materials are cheap and easy to acquire, sat on some disguised concrete bricks. The RSs are just a layer of dense foam, a layer of steel, and a layer of rubber.

Ordered some Mopads for the foam part, speakers come with a rubber mat, and I've gotten two 20x20x1cm thick mild steel plates off eBay. They're covered in this reddish stuff which I presume is some sort of anti-corrosive protection, touching = black fingers. Do not want. Do want to paint them, probably just black so they're clean and look nice. Is there any particular paint I need to use? Do I need special primer and apply that first? Sorry I'm a noob and know nothing. :rolleyes:


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Personnaly I'd see about getting them powder coated, it shouldn't cost much more than about £10-15 and that'll totally protect them and they'll also look fantastic :)


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That didn't even cross my mind, thanks! I'll have a look and see if there are any local places.

EDIT - Google Maps delivers. Several places, although nothing immediately close by (I'd prefer to drop off/pickup rather than post as they're heavy!) but I'll check GM hasn't left any one out.
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