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DIY Speaker Repair ??

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by ccm, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. ccm


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    If you see my previous threads you will know I have a problem with one of my speakers on my pioneer nsdv990 system.

    Anyway after much fiddling around I know it is definitely the speaker at fault and also that the fault is intermittent, sometimes when not working properly a tap on the speaker will make it start working.

    In light of the above i feel it is probably a loose/broken connection, should i unscrew the case and have a look ? (the speakers are flat nxt type)

    I've found somewhere that will have a look at it but they need the whole system , which would be a right pain to take apart and get there.

    Also does anyone know where/if i could get a replacement speaker ? I know the system itself is discontinued.

    Finally this may be a silly question but if the worst comes to the worst could
    I buy different speakers to use with my system or do all in one systems need to use the speakers that come with them ? I have noticed the speaker labels say they can't be used with other amps cos of the risk of fire!

    grateful for any advice regarding the above issues :lease:



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