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Hi All,

For some of you who may have seen my House Refurb thread you will know I am doing up our 2nd bedroom. In all our rooms in the house (except kitchen and bathrooms) we are lifitng the old carpets and sanding the floors back. I think we have only had one room that did not have some sort of issue with its wood floors and the 2nd bedroom I am working on is no exception.

Being an old Victorian house the floors upstairs have been carved up to install central heating pipes and radiators and then carved up again when other owners have decided to move them.

So I have lifted the floorboards from our study and will install new flooring there. However the boards from the study are planned to be used as donar boards for bedroom. The plan is/was to get a guy who had done this in our main bedroom and he did a great job, but with this lockdown in full swing and unsure of when it will end I am wondering how hard it would be for me to do this.

I suppose there are 2 parts to this, removing the old damaged boards without damaging the boards that I want to stay.
Then installing the new boards so that we get a nice good fit .

Now for removing the boards I know a number of them will come out without an issue as they have been hacked out in the first place. However I will also need to tie them into the floor so the patchwork is less obvious. My thoughts on removing any more boards that have not been previously removed would be to cut the board in the middle up to and across a joist that I want to remove that way I can hopefully preserve the tongue and grooves of the boards on either side.

but for installing the boards the groove section has a bit that fits above and below the tongue. I was thinking of cutting off the bottom length of the groove that way I can slide (at angle) the tongue into the groove and just have the opppsite groove sit on top of the other tongue (hopefully that makes sense).

then use a couple of screws at each joist to hold in place.

I am no joiner so I am just looking for advice on whether this is how it is done or if there is a better and easier way.


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Sounds about right :smashin: If you are lifting boards up with a crow bar put a piece of scrap floorboard under the bar to protect the floor when levering it up

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